Sifiso Vundla

One of our Super-Talented-Trio of young audio engineers, Sifiso is already establishing himself as a vital member of the askhule training team. He's not only a talented soundman - Sifiso has significant skills in IT and a wealth of creative ideas. Sifiso perfectly illustrates the saying “still waters run deep” - he's a quiet, unassuming guy but behind that reserve there's a brilliant mind at work! At the tender age of 19, Sifiso achieved the rare distinction of Pro Tools Expert certification - a feat unheard of elsewhere in the world!

With just a few year of experience in the industry, he has amassed extensive exposure to the audio post production field. Working at first with the South African national broadcaster SABC, Sifiso later went on to work at senior level with local production companies, and to lecture at Academy of Sound Engineering.

Sifiso is a career-minded and dedicated audio engineer, and like our other young talent we hope he will provide a role model for delegates, encouraging them to set high standards for themselves. As a trainer Sifiso loves to see himself as helping others whilst ever expanding his own range of knowledge and skill. Today Sifiso is busy studying his MBA and also runs Paradigm Swift, a tech services startup he founded.
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