Way back July 2013 asikhule put on the Africa Loudness Summit, inviting EBU PLOUD Chairman Florian Camerer to pave the way for EBU R128 adoption in Africa. Broadcast and audio production professionals who attended witnessed the dawn of consumer-friendly methods for measuring and managing loudness for television in Africa. The summit and the subsequent workshops and in-house training for broadcast and production personnel across Africa have resulted in asikhule being recognised as the continent's leading authority on the practical implementation of loudness measurement and management in terrestrial, satellite and I/P production and distribution.
In September 2014, Florian returned the favour, inviting asikhule director Duncan Todd to speak at the IBC conference in Amsterdam to share insights on the adoption and practical challenges of implementing R128 in Africa.

Since then, as broadcasters respond to viewer demands for managed loudness and as production houses begin to understand that this means changing the way they mix, asikhule has been increasingly involved in training production facility personnel in the practice of mixing and delivering content to R128 recommendations.

Today asikhule is taking R-128 based loudness training to mastering studios, production houses, television stations, digital radio stations and film production facilities across Africa.

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The African chameleon is being used by asikhule as a symbol for the dramatic change needed in the audio world where the old peak measurement paradigm has to be abandoned and the new loudness measurement and management paradigm adopted.
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