Keith Davies

Keith is a widely experienced audio engineer and trainer with an unparalleled reputation in the South African broadcast and recording industries. As co-founder and director of Asikhule this reputation is core to the value Asikhule offers the Africa market.

After receiving his Honours degree in Music (Tonmeister) from the University of Surrey (Guildford, UK), which included a year's training with top audio assessment firm Angus McKenzie Facilities, Keith joined Thames TV in London. At Thames he learned the art of TV and film sound from the ground up, working on numerous award-winning shows including The Bill and Des O'Connor, as well as News and sports including the Epsom Derby. It was during his five years at Thames TV that he became aware of the incredible value of matching a thorough academic grounding with highly-skilled intensive "practical" hands-on training - something that has informed all of his course development since that time.

Since moving to South Africa in 1989, Keith's passion for training and development has taken him from the dusty streets of East Rand townships to concert halls, broadcast facilities, arenas, theatres and studios, always training and encouraging others as well as continuing to update his own skill and knowledge of technology in this fast-paced industry. In recent years he has trained and recorded in all major South African cities as well as the UK, the USA and Australia.

In 2007 Keith was invited to join the already-successful Academy of Sound Engineering in Johannesburg, to develop a facility in Corporate Training that would complement the work of the Academy in training young engineers from Matric to professional level. This was the perfect opportunity for him to expand his training capacity whilst remaining active in the fields of live sound recording, studio recording and sound reinforcement. Keith was also able to develop an extensive international network of fellow trainers and engineers in order to offer high-value training that fits the needs of the client organisations.

With the formation of askhule Keith has been able to see a long-cherished dream realised, whereby a team of talented yet diverse individuals can help the South African industry achieve the recognition it deserves, as leaders on the Continent of Africa and globally.
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