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asikhule rarely delivers a "packaged" course - usually our training is tailored for your specific needs, so the price question can be a little difficult to address. Much depends on the specific circumstances at your facility. Many factors can have a bearing on the price, for example:
  • How many learners are there; a few, very many, all from one employer or a "mixed group"?
  • Do the learners need to be assessed beforehand?
  • Where is the training happening: your facility (if so, does it need to remain productive during training?), or a rented venue off-site somewhere?
  • Do we need to include travel and accommodation costs in the quotation?
  • Who is teaching: someone local or someone sourced from overseas, do we expect weekend and public holiday teaching?
  • What level is the training and is this the same for all delegates?
  • How much customisation of content is required: your equipment, your workflows or a more generic approach?
  • What hardware configuration, software versions and facilities are available at the proposed venue?
  • Is this part of a longer term commitment by the client to more training or is the training requirement just a "once-off"?
To get a formal quotation, please use the form below to tell us about your particular training needs - we will get in touch with you as soon as possible to provide you with a quote based on your requirements. Please be as specific as you can, giving some thought to the questions above. Thanks.

Incidentally if you need it, we can also assist you with developing a workplace skills plan (WSP) to plan your year's technical and operational training.

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