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We believe that lifelong learning is especially relevant to those who seek to survive in today's changing world.

Proudly developing technical and operational skills across the broadcast, entertainment and media production industries across Africa, asikhule exhibits several unique attributes that differentiate our offerings.
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Training based on your delegate needs
At asikhule we tailor training - even vendor certification course content - to the particular needs of your delegates. Working closely with you, conducting detailed needs analyses, or even comparing pre and post-training assessment results with international benchmarks if required, we adapt course content based on your delegates' technical proficiency, their prior learnings, and also the technical context within which they are expected to deliver. We train at all skills levels, from entry-level interns to seasoned professionals. Our aim is to impact creativity and productivity through hands on delivery of world-class content, delivering maximum value for your training spend.
An exclusive focus on technical training across Africa
The depth of experience in broadcast, audio and video production and all aspects of post production inside asikhule is unparalleled. No other technical training company offers this special focus on African skills development.
A unique and growing network of international training talent
Our growing network of international associates has trained at some of the world's largest broadcasters and production facilities, including, among many others, BBC, Sky, Al Jazeera, MediaSmiths and Multichoice. This network allows us at asikhule to bring advanced off-shore learnings to Africa. Our trainers are not just great educators, they are industry-active practitioners. Take a look at some of the talent you could be accessing today:

Vendor agnostic
Although we are accredited by a number of leading hardware and software suppliers, asikhule remains vigorously vendor agnostic. Staying impartial allows us to objectively recommend workflows, work-arounds and practical tips, irrespective of a particular supplier's strengths or weaknesses in your context.
The only accredited AVID professional learning partner able to offer training to expert level
We are proud at asikhule to be Africa's only accredited AVID Learning Partner Professional (ALPP) authorised to provide user, operator and expert level certification across the AVID range of offerings.

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The only African training organisation certified to train Apple FCPX, Adobe Premiere and AVID Media Composer
No other training organisation in Africa is able to officially offer certification training across all of today's major video editing platforms. Take advantage of learning from certified talent at asikhule who understand the platform you are moving from just as well as your new platform of choice.
A unique relationship with higher education
asikhule enjoys a unique relationship with the Academy of Sound Engineering (ASE), Africa's leading higher education institution for degree, diploma and certificate studies for school-leavers. ASE has a share in the asikhule business and the two entities collaborate on developing curricula and discerning and delivering to industry expectations.

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Passionate about empowerment
Our business at asikhule is empowerment! We are dedicated to continuing professional development and upliftment of the African population of production and post-production professionals. For our South African clients, please note that we are a Level 4 BEE company.
Contact asikhule today for your technical and operational training needs. If you don't find the training you need listed here on our site, please get in touch with us directly - we are happy to develop courses to meet your specific needs.
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