Video technology: fundamentals

VTF101 Video Technology Fundamentals
Duration: 2 days

Video 101 is an introductory level course that looks at modern HD and SD video standards and their significance to the media production process. The course provides a sound footing on which to build skills and the ability to communicate with other people about technical issues.

This course is targeted at two groups:
  • Editors, vision engineers, technical operators and anyone who works with video on a regular basis and needs to understand it fully, and
  • Experienced program makers making the transition to HD and looking for a technical grounding covering the the changes
This is an entry level course that requires little or no prior knowledge of video.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Work with video signals to maintain broadcast quality output
  • Understand the implications of working with material from different sources and standards
  • Understand the terminology and jargon used when working with video
Course content
Scanning the image:
  • Resolution, frame rate and interlace or progressive
  • Working with non-square pixels
  • The issue of arcing and standards conversion

  • Setting and measuring levels
  • Gamma and coping with difficult locations

  • The difference between seeing and thinking in colour
  • The RGB and Component video standards
  • HD and SD colourimitry
  • Composite and the legacy of the archive

Monitoring pictures:
  • The workings of CRT, LCD and plasma displays
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