Surround sound: intermediate

SS201 Surround Sound - Intermediate Level
Duration: 4-5 days

This is a practical follow-up course to the SSF110 theory course which is a pre-requisite. This surround audio course runs over a total of 4 days – and is a follow-up to the previous Surround Sound 110 (theory) course. It is fairly comprehensive, but would need to be supplemented by a further in-depth intervention for the delegates to attain “advanced” level. A full course would ideally be implemented over a two year period, with this introduction (SSF101-201) forming the first year’s content. Practice in between training sessions is vital, as is the correct scheduling of the modules – ensuring that gaps between sessions are neither too long nor too short.

The course is targeted at working professionals needing to implement surround sound workflows in their day-to-day activities.

  • SSF101
  • SSF110

Course Content
This course comprises the following four modules:

Module 1 - Capturing and mixing sound in surround
  • Two channel mike techniques – a review of previous learning
  • Multi-mike surround recording – including three-mike techniques
  • Use of spot mikes in the recording of acoustic ensembles
  • Phase, level and delay issues with multi-mike techniques
  • Multichannel panning and panning laws
  • Use of artificial reverb in surround mixing

Module 2 - Monitoring
  • Listening room acoustics: international guidelines
  • Louspeakers for surround sound monitoring: placement and specification
  • Monitor level alignment
  • Visualisation plug-ins/metering to assist in surround recording/mixing
Module 3 - Processing surround audio
  • How to ensure appropriate compression of surround audio
  • How to ensure surround-compatible stereo mixing
  • How to ensure stereo-compatible surround mixing
  • How to ensure mono-compatible surround mixing
  • MS matrixing – in the processing and listening environment

Module 4 - Practical Masterclass on the surround record/mix process
  • An intensive hands-on multitrack-based mentored series of mix exercises utilising a wide variety of surround techniques across a range of scenarios involving both best-case and worst-case scenarios. These exercises involve both sound capture (recording) and mixing with a wide range of appropriate equipment – from the most basic to the highly sophisticated. Recording and mixing will be carried out both “as-live” (simulating live broadcast) and in a much longer-term record/mix cycle – which could extend over a number of sessions.
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