Surround sound: beyond the basics

SS110 - Surround Sound - Beyond the Basics
Duration: 3-4 days

This course is a follow-up to the previous Surround Sound 101 course. The content lays down the necessary theoretical fundamentals to allow progression to the SSF201 course which puts all of the theory learned into practice. Please note that for this reason it is important to ensure that the gap between SSF110 and SSF201 courses is not too long.

This theoretical course is designed to be sandwiched between SSF101 and SSF201 to give anyone needing to undrestand or apply surround sound production principles in a real-world working environment.

  • SSF101

Course content
This course comprises the following five modules:

Module 1 - Spatial audio - some depth
  • Spatial audio in depth
  • Spatial dimension of natural (acoustic) sound sources
  • Sound sources in free-field and in reflective spaces
  • Spatial dimension in reproduced (recorded) sound
  • The progression from mono to full surround via stereo

Module 2 - Theory
  • Sound source localization in depth
  • Distance and depth perception
  • The interplay between level, EQ and timing/phase in direction perception
  • Apparent source width
  • Envelopment and spaciousness
  • Naturalness
  • Implications of spatial theory on audio perception
  • Cognitive issues in spatial perception

Module 3 - Signal-chain issues in stereo audio
  • Two channel stereo and binaural audio
  • Three channel stereo
  • Surround audio: three-channel, four-channel, 5.1 channel
  • Alternative multi-channel configurations

Module 4 - Surround sound systems
  • Matrixed surround
  • Digital surround formats

Module 5 - Case study
  • Ambisonics as a surround-sound case study
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