Studio gallery fundamentals

Course overview
This course is normally run by special request at the customers premises or at an agreed venue, using either the customers own equipment, or equipment hired for the occasion. asikhule understands that TV facilities are busy and will always work with the customer to try and find a time when training can happen without compromising program production.

Suggested topics:
  • Creating scripts and running orders
  • Managing the gallery
  • Working with stopwatches
  • Calling shots and counting down
  • Back timing and calculating durations
  • Keeping the show on time
  • Understanding the craft and technical roles
  • Working with talkback
  • Understanding monitoring systems
  • Counting for music

Working in a  Control Room
Production Control rooms in TV Studios or OB (outside broadcast) vehicles are often referred to as ‘Galleries’ and are responsible for the creation of all our live or ‘as live’ programs. The disciplines required to effectively deliver programs are those associated with the control of time... accurate timing of program segments, effective estimation of script duration and production of easy to read scripts, running orders and schedules. During programs and rehearsals, clear communication and accurate delivery of timing information is essential.

In addition, a good understanding of program making techniques and a methodical approach to administration make for superb program support.

If you work in a gallery, but do not have a technical or craft skill, gallery skills training will give you an insight into the program making process and equip you with the skills needed to partake in multi camera activities.
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