Pro Tools and OSX for technicians

Pro Tools and OSX for Technicians
Duration: 5 days

This asikhule developed course has been designed in response to growing demand from broadcasters to properly equip their technical personnel tasked with supporting Pro Tools installations in a Mac environment. The course covers aspects of MAC OSX operating system, Pro Tools hardware and software installation, configuration and optimisation, setting preferences in the OS as well as in the software and on worksurfaces, troubleshooting, diagnostic testing and effectively using AVID documentation and on-line support resources.

This course is designed for technicians (or end-users) tasked with supporting Pro Tools and Apple Mac OSX environments.

It is assumed all delegates on this course will be computer literate. While there are no specific Pro Tools study pre-requisites, attendance on a Pro Tools 101 course either before or after attendance on this course is highly recommended as an effective way of improving communication and understanding between Pro Tools support technicians and Pro Tools users and operators.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Understand the PC and MAC operating system essentials from a Pro Tools perspective
  • Install and uninstall Pro Tools software and its various plug-ins, virtual instruments and options and ancillary hardware such as controllers, worksurfaces and interfaces
  • Configure Pro Tools installations correctly, in line with operator preferences and industry best-practice
  • Troubleshoot, diagnose and address common Pro Tools problems, errors or system crashes
  • Access and properly implement suggested support steps using standard documentation and on-line resources
  • Report and escalate unsolved hardware or software problems accurately and reliably

Course Content
The course covers both Mac OSX and Pro Tools specifics.

Module 1 - Mac and OSX
  • System overview - Mac basics, Mac vs. PC, PPC vs. Intel
  • Installing and formatting hard drives - HFS+, FAT32, NTFS
  • Journalling and using Spotlight
  • Maintaining hard drives
  • Boot drives - internal, external, CD/DVD, PPC vs. Intel
  • Installing RAM - PPC vs. Intel, iMac, G5 and Mac Pro
  • Installing OS X and other software
  • About drivers
  • OSX configuration and system preferences
  • Backups - Time Machine and disk images
  • Maintaining OSX

Module 2 - Pro Tools
  • Pro Tools configuration
  • Hardware setup and configuration
  • Software setup and configuration
  • Software updates and the Internet
  • Controllers - MIDI vs. ethernet
  • Machine Control and synchronization
  • About clocks
  • Connecting the studio
  • Input, output and buss routing and interrogation
  • Levels, line-ups, calibration and metering
  • Fault finding and troubleshooting - trashing preferences
  • Answer base
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