Pro Tools: refresher

Pro Tools Refresher
Duration: 10-12 days

This asikhule developed course has been designed specifically to prepare certified operator and expert Pro Tools practitioners for subsequent cross-certification to a new version of Pro Tools, in particular where the operator or expert was certified many years ago on a much earlier version of Pro Tools. The intensive course is effectively an accelerated "crash course" covering PT101, PT110, PT201 and PT210 content at an interim release level (e.g. at Pro Tools version 8 where delegates originally studied and certified in Pro Tools versions 5, 6 or 7 and are seeking to sit exams for cross-certification on versions 9 or 10). The course would typically be spread across a number of intensive two or three day training sessions with some workplace "recovery" time in between to practice and consolidate learnings.

This course is designed for certified operators or experts wishing to prepare themselves for cross-certification to a new version of Pro Tools. The "old-hand" user wishing to brush-up on the latest features and functions in Pro Tools may also find the course to be of immense practical value, with or without subsequent cross-certification exams.

Delegates on this course are assumed to have attained a Pro Tools 200 or 300 level certification at some earlier version of Pro Tools. The nature of the course - fast, deep and intense coverage of a wide selection of content - makes it appropriate to those delegates using Pro Tools on a day-to-day basis. Delegates are expected to read and study course materials during each evening for the full duration of the course and to use any "in-between" workplace time to consolidate learnings.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Effectively operate Pro Tools at a much higher level than that at which you were originally qualified.
  • Recognise and confidently use new features, preferences, shortcuts and other functionality introduced in later versions of Pro Tools
  • Confidently attend PT220, PT320 or similar cross-certification training
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