Pro Tools: music production techniques

Pro Tools 210M Music Production Techniques
Duration: 5-7 Days

This course covers techniques for working with Pro Tools systems in a professional music production environment. Concepts and skills learned in Pro Tools 101, 110, and 201 are reinforced with practical music-specific examples. Access to the certification exam requires that previous exams have been passed.

This course is designed for end-users with intermediate Pro Tools skills.

Completion of the following courses is required prior to beginning this course:
  • Pro Tools 101: Introduction to Pro Tools
  • Pro Tools 110: Pro Tools Production I
  • Pro Tools 201: Pro Tools Production II

At the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Prepare a session
  • Track and overdub
  • Control virtual instruments
  • Perform advanced MIDI production
  • Apply professional editing techniques
  • Sample in Pro Tools using software samplers
  • Employ professional audio editing techniques
  • Perform advanced tempo editing
  • Arrange and produce using advanced techniques
  • Mix and automate
  • Print your mix

Course Content
The course comprises nine modules and is designed to ensure the learner is capable of being assessed on their learnings and understanding in each of the following areas ...

Module 1
  • Set a custom Song Start position.
  • Set advanced meter and click preferences
  • Use MIDI Beat Clock
  • Set a session’s tempo to match an imported audio loop
  • Set up your MIDI devices for use with Pro Tools
  • Integrate the audio from your MIDI devices into the Pro Tools mixer
  • Import and re‐use tracks and data from other Pro Tools sessions

Module 2
  • Work in Dynamic Transport mode
  • Use QuickPunch and TrackPunch
  • Understand and use input monitoring modes
  • Record and compile multiple takes

Module 3
  • Control Plug‐ins with generic MIDI Controllers
  • Record and edit MIDI CC graphs
  • Understand the difference between CC graphs and Pro Tools Automation
  • Use advanced features of Structure and Strike
  • Route multiple outputs from Structure and Strike to Pro Tools mixer channels

Module 4
  • Use the MIDI Editor window
  • Use the Groove Quantize operations
  • Use the Flatten and Restore Performance operations
  • Use the Change Velocity operations
  • Use advanced features of MIDI Real‐Time Properties
  • Understand the basic features of the Score Editor window

Module 5
  • Adjust and edit loops on‐the‐fly with Dynamic Transport mode
  • Fine‐tune and customize fades
  • Repair audio drop‐outs and clicks using the Pencil Tool
  • Use Beat Detective to correct the timing of multitrack drum recordings

Module 6
  • Insert and edit tempo changes and Bar|Beat Markers using Identify Beat
  • Create Bar|Beat Markers using Beat Detective
  • Understand the differences between tempo events and Bar|Beat Markers
  • Use the Graphic Tempo Editor
  • Use the Tempo Operations window
  • Perform advanced, non‐linear tempo changes over a selected range
  • Add and edit Key Change events

Module 7
  • Use Window Configurations
  • Automatically replace regions in the timeline
  • Replace recorded sounds with samples using Sound Replacer
  • Use Playlists
  • Arrange songs with Cut and Insert Time
  • Copy, Paste, and Duplicate entire sections
  • Use Region Groups for song arrangement

Module 8
  • Delay compensation and MIDI
  • Delay compensation and Hardware Inserts
  • Writing static mixer automation
  • Trim automation
  • Variable Stereo Pan Depth

Module 9
  • Export your mix as an mp3 or WMA file.
  • Send your mix to more than one device using multiple Pro Tools outputs.
  • Manage some simple synchronization scenarios
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