Music production: mix basics

MP101 Music Production - Mix Basics
Duration: 6 days (usually split over several weeks, allowing practical application of the learnings between classes)

This introductory course, the first in the Pro Tools for Music Production series, focuses on the practicalities of recording and mixing, exploring various mix and production techniques across various music genres.

The course is ideal fro any Pro Tools user or operator wishing to develop their understanding and application of music production using Pro Tools as a digital audio workstation.

Ideally the delegate would have been exposed to extensive on-the-job use of a Pro Tools system, or have undergone at least a PT101 course. An interest in or career orientation to music recording and music production of any genre would be valuable, though not required. No prior knowledge of musical theory is required.

Course content
The course comprises the following four modules:

Module 1 - Microphones
  • Choice of microphones
  • Dynamics
  • Condensers

Module 2 - Introduction to mix techniques
  • The meaning and use of various types of EQ
    • The use of compression in music mixing
    • The use of limiting in music mixing
    • Stereo versus mono
    • Use of panning
    • How we perceive depth and level in a music mix
    • Delay and phase issues in basic mixing
    • Introduction to automation in the mix process

Module 3 - Introduction to mix-styles
  • An introduction to the application of the course-content with reference to specific genre recordings

Module 4 - Practical Masterclass on the mix process
  • This module comprises introduces hands-on multitrack-based mentored mix exercises in a selection of music genres using both best-case and worst case scenarios. These exercises involve both sound capture (recording) and mixing with a range of appropriate equipment. Recording and mixing will be carried out both “as-live” (simulating live broadcast) and in a record/mix scenario.
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