Multi-cam productions: music videos

Course overview
This course is normally run at the customers own studio, using the facilities where the delegates will be making programs. asikhule understands that studios are busy places and will always work with the customer to try and find a time when training can happen without compromising program production.

Suggested topics:
  • Understanding music - bars beats and structures
  • Counting beats
  • Score reading for classical music
  • Breaking down the music
  • Making a floor plan and choosing camera positions
  • Working out camera moves
  • Making the shots musical
  • Rehearsing with the band

Working with Musicians
Having a band or musical group in your studio program brings a new dimension to the show and makes for a real auditory and visual feast for the viewer. However, it also brings added complications for the director and production team.

Scripting words is relatively straightforward and visual cues can be obvious, but in the world of music, even the most obvious cue may be difficult to get on to paper. The same issue arises in the studio, because all of your ideas have to be communicated to the crew.

Planning a Course
At asikhule we can help you understand the structure of music and the language of bars and beats which measures it’s progress. Learning how to work with music will help to create musical visuals which enhance the performance and can be repeated time and time again during both rehearsal and performance.

For those working with classical music, Asikhule can assist with the reading and realisation of full musical scores.
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