Multi-cam production: intermediate

Course overview
This course is normally run at the customers own studio, using the facilities that the delegates are learning to use. asikhule understands that studios are busy places and will always work with the customer to try and find a time when training can happen without compromising program production.

Suggested topics:
  • Planning an event
  • Working with the craft teams
  • Working with the design teams
  • Creating scripts and running orders
  • Managing rehearsal time
  • Communicating effectively
  • The studio language and jargon
  • Story telling with pictures and creating compelling TV
  • Delegation and relying on your crew

As a Director you have the responsibility of delivering quality programming to your viewers. To help you, you will have a team of professionals around you who need your direction to deliver their best. When it works well, you will be able to deliver a product which is greater than the sum of its constituent parts and the audience will love it. However, good planning, thoughtful scripting, a sensible rehearsal schedule, first class time management and a flexible approach to problems are essential parts of leadership and the directing process.

asikhule can help you hone these skills, through a range of training activities and with personal mentorship. Development programs are designed to suit the needs of the individual and spend time looking at the relevant skills, analysing what does and does not work and learning about best practice.
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