Lighting in the studio fundamentals

Course overview
This course is normally run at the customer's own studio, using the facilities that the delegates are learning to use. asikhule understands that studios are busy places and will always work with the customer to try and find a time when training can happen without compromising program production.

Lighting is an art, which involves the control of contrast, the modeling of shadow and the creation of beautiful images which transmit, style, mood and feeling. In the modern studio the array of tools which are available is immense with fluorescent, HMI and LED types complementing the range of traditional incandescent luminaries. In addition, there are many different types of effects lamps which may require more advanced control systems.

The link between lighting and vision control is also very significant and the designer will lead a team with will include controllers, desk operators and electricians.
Good lighting design will require preparation and the plotting of lamp positions, on a large scale, and the planning for working within the limitations of power limits and good understanding of electrical safety when working with large loads.

At asikhule, we can help you to develop your lighting design abilities and acquire the knowledge and skills to cope with the demands of working in a busy studio environment.
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