Mixing with the Lawo MC256: fundamentals

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This is an introductory course covering the basics of the Lawo mc256 mixing console. The course focuses on the fundamental concepts of working with digital audio using the Lawo mc256.

This overview affords delegates who have limited experience with digital desks the opportunity to integrate the Lawo digital mixing console into their daily workflow. The course provides the foundation for the later Intermediate course, which deals with real world scenarios and simulations.

This course is designed to train operators and technicians who are new to the Lawo mixer to a basic level.

Possession of the following skills is recommended prior to beginning this course:
  • Basic familiarity with operating a computer
  • Basic understanding of analog and digital audio, audio processing, and equipment.

Course Content
The course covers the key features of the mixing console and fundamental audio principals.
  • Control Surface overview
  • System overview
  • Signal flow
  • Integrated digital routing
  • Access channel/assign and screen control
  • The console keypad
  • Creating your own configuration
  • Saving your settings
  • Configuring audio subgroup masters
  • Creating Stereo channels or Masters
  • Routing masters to output destinations
  • Using auxiliary sends
  • Creating a mix-minus (N-1)
  • Using VCA grouping
  • Applying signal processing
  • Assigning the fader strip free controls

Other topics include:
  • Channel control
  • Console configuration
  • The centre section
  • Console reset
  • Timecode automation
  • Signal routing
  • System configuration

Upon completion of this course, you'll be able to:
  • Understand the difference between an analog and a digital mixing console.
  • Customize the Lawo interface to behave as you would like it to.
  • Configure audio subgroup masters
  • Apply signal processing
  • Understand the concept of mix-minus (N-1)
  • Be able to troubleshoot
  • Configure the system
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