Lighting on location fundamentals

Course overview
This course is normally run by special request, at the customers premises or at an agreed venue, using either the customer's own equipment, or equipment hired for the occasion.  asikhule understands that TV facilities are busy and will always work with the customer to try and find a time when training can happen without compromising program production.

Suggested topics:
  • Understanding portraiture
  • Working with minimal resources
  • Using available light in a creative way
  • Working outside
  • Coping with mixed colour temperatures
  • Using gels, filters, ND and other light modifiers
  • Working at night
  • The difference between lighting and illumination
  • Basic electrical safety
  • Working safely with others

Lighting on location is often about making the best use of limited resources. Using the available light with reflector boards and careful placement of cameras can often be as effective as much more expensive and time consuming options. However, it is often necessary to use lamps - and with limited power and space, how to place them can be a real art. Equally important is a good understanding of the nature of light - how to measure, manage and control quantity, quality and colour.

Learning the skills required to control contrast, model shadow and create mood or effect is all about looking and thinking. It is about having the correct tools and knowing when to use them. It is about creativity. At asikhule we can help you learn these skills and develop your ability as a good location camera operator.
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