Euphonix Max Air: a comprehensive introduction

This course focuses on the essential skills required to operate the Max Air digital audio console. It will give broadcast audio operators the confidence to handle increasingly complex productions with ease, from news to sports to live show productions, in the studio or on the road, often within very constrained work space. Content includes the discussion of the key features of the console as well as practical hands-on training with each delegate.

This course is aimed at experienced production team members specializing in outside broadcast or those hoping to pursue a career in the broadcasting field of audio engineering.

While there are no specific language or academic prerequisites, it is assumed that the learner will have at least had some exposure to the Outside broadcast environment; the course is aimed at employees (full-time or freelance) of a broadcaster or production facility involved in the production of content in the OB van.

Course Content
The course comprises of 29 topics that will be explained in detail and demonstrated on the audio console.
  • Introduction to Euphonix
  • The layout idea
  • Knob-sets
  • Dynamics
  • EQ & filters
  • Pan
  • Auxiliaries
  • Mix-minus and group routing
  • Mix sections routing
  • N-1 & mix-minus
  • The fader
  • Central "soft" faders & knobs
  • Superchannel
  • Monitoring & solo modes
  • Patchnet
  • Channels & strips
  • Multi-format masters & control groups
  • Layouts
  • Snapshots
  • Lock strips
  • Mix busses
  • Mix-minus and group busses
  • Auxiliary busses
  • Superchannel screen
  • Events & GPI
  • Meters
  • System screens
  • Show management

When you complete this course you'll be able to...
  • Configure and easily troubleshoot the Euphonix Max Air audio console
  • Operate advanced console controls
  • Understand layouts and snapshots, and how they can be used effectively
  • Effectively use multi-format masters and control groups for more control

But most importantly...
  • You'll be able to adopt a workflow that best suits your own production needs and that helps raise your own productivity and efficiency - leaving you time for creative mix decisions rather than just managing configuration, routing and simple levels.

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