Drama production: intermediate

DP201 Drama Production - Intermediate
Duration: 5 days

Using Pro Tools creatively in the recording and production of radio drama. This course encompasses areas not covered in the technical and workflow overview provided in PDP110. The course focuses on how to use the many features available in Pro Tools to enhance creativity and production excellence

This course is targeted at production staff using or planning to use Pro Tools in the production of Drama or Soap programming for radio beyond a basic level.

The following pre-requisites exist for this course:
  • PDP 110
  • Pro Tools 101
  • PT110 (recommended)

When you complete this course you will be able to use Pro Tools and plug-ins to aid in more creative production of drama for radio broadcast.

Course Content
The course comprises the following three modules:

Module 1- The drama studio
  • Drama studio principles
  • Layout
  • Acoustics
  • Equipment
  • Studio setup
  • Studio monitoring
  • Utilization of available space
  • Actors and spot effects
  • The production meeting

Module 2 - Recording
  • Control room principles
  • Control room monitoring
  • Multi-track recording techniques
  • Advanced microphone techniques
  • Spot effects
  • Foley effects
  • Sends and returns
  • Groups and VCA’s
  • Advanced routing

Module 3 - Post production
  • Drama mix principles
  • Dialogue editing
  • Music editing
  • Spot and foley effects editing
  • Scene transitions
  • Creative use of plug-ins: equalization, reverberation, reverb in modeling environments, compressors and limiters
  • The final mix
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