Digital audio: intermediate

DA110 Digital Audio Intermediate
Duration: 1 day

A course which expands on digital technology, explores the digital standards we all work to and looks at the techniques, processes and terminology which are so important to the production process.
  • A one day seminar which will use slides, video demonstrations, animations and other learning aids
  • A set of paper and electronic notes
  • Relevant learning aids for the topics discussed

Editors and post production staff, location cameramen or technical operators who work with video and audio in the digital environment and needs to better understand the terminology used to describe digital signals or needs to make important decisions about the digital standards they will work to and the files they will create.

  • DA101

At the end of the course you will be able to:
  • Understand sampling and quantisation in detail
  • Appreciate the importance of error correction and concealment
  • Be able to identify and and select the correct digital audio and video standards
  • Calculate a simple data rate and work out file sizes
  • Understand intermediate principles of compression, decompression and concentration

Course Content
  • The topics covered will include:
  • The advantages of working with digital signals
  • Sampling and quantisation
  • How we choose data rates
  • Audio and video standards and their uses
  • Data protection
  • Data rates
  • Compression and codecs
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